Os & kærgaard

Nina & Erik

We instantly fell in love with Kærgaard in 2013 after years of searching for a new farm. The bulidings were in a desperat need for a renovation, but the location was - and still is truly amazing. Kærgaard is close to the center of Roskilde, the famouse Boserup Forrest, the harbour, supermarket/shopping and especially the nature.

We started a total and comprehensive renovation of the farm. Some buildings were torn down, a new machine house was constructed. Finally, year 2015 was the year when it was possible for us to move into the house.

We were left with 2 untouched wings, where one of them prevously were used as a an accommodation. The other wing consisted of a workshop/garage and a piggery.

In 2018 we began the journey of renovating one of the large wings, so that we 3 years after welcomed 4 newly established and newly renovated rooms with toilets, showers and a common area with kitchen and living room.

Kærgaard provides great oppertunities for hiking and long relaxed walks, running or bicykle rides ( or mountanbiking in the Boserup Forest). You can also go golfing in Roskilde Golf Klub, which is very close to the B&B.

Our bed and breakfast is located in the magnificent, peaceful and beautiful countryside of Denmark (and Roskilde) while still being very close to the both Copenhagen and the charming center of Roskilde. Enjoy your own private terrace and look all the way to the Cathedral. Perhaps you feel like reading a book or enjoying a glass of wine, while nature is buzzing all around you.

As mentioned above, Kaergaard is located on the countryside of Denmark. Actually, Kaergaard is in the heart of Zealand, making it a great place for you to stay if you are interested in visiting other parts of Denmark as well. Such as: Kronborg Castle, Fredensborg Castle, Louisiana, Museum Of Modern Art, Møns Klint, and of course Copenhagen (Tivoli, Christiansborg ect. and all the must-see places). But frankly, Roskilde has so many turist attraction itself, that people prioritize to stay at Kaergaard simply to visit: Roskildes Cathedral, The Viking Ship Museum, Lejre Land of Legends. If you bring your bicycle, you can enjoy many beautiful and extraordinary trips around Fjordlandet. For example, you can try the Panorama rute of 27 kilometres. On this trip you will both see forrest, ice age landscapes, and the cozy countryside of Denmark.

We look very much forward to welcoming you at Kaergard.


Kærgaard B&B Roskilde

Kaergaard is currently running 32 hectare land organically. In that regard, we have received 'Økologisk Arealtilskud' (a subsidy for organic land) to facilitate and redirect the agricultural areas organically. 

The purpose of receiving the subsidy is to expand the organic agriculture land in Denmark and in that way help and support the environment and biodiversity. Receiving the subsidy have made it possible for farmers to maintain the organic agriculture productions and sell organically produced goods. The fields are sown with clover and pasture, which is used to feed the livestock. The grass which is not eaten by the cows, will be sold to other livestockfarmers.

Since 2017 cows have been grazing on the areas around Kaergaard. It all started when Roskilde Municipality wanted to increase the population of tree frogs. As a result, some lakes were dug and some fields were fenced off. We started out by buying 2 Galloway cows, but quickly more came and therefore more land had to be fenced. Today, we can enjoy the delightful view of having both Galloway and Angus cows graze on the areas surrounding Kaergaard. They live and thrive outdoors, where they can seek shelter in a small forest - and sometimes they come up to greet our guests in front of the garden.  

Their slow and calm walks around the fields makes you want to slow down and enjoy life. It is wonderful to simply sit and watch the cows and finally when the tree frog croaks it gives an idyllic atmosphere.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD): Denmark and Europe invest in the agriculture land.

en Europæiske Landbrugsfond for Udvikling af Landdistrikterne: Danmark og Europa investerer i landdistrikterne